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Boilers Installation in Dewsbury

Good quality boilers save you time and electricity. However, as they deal with heating water, they might face technical issues that make them in efficient at times. Boilers are a daily necessity and you cannot do without them for a long time. Therefore, if you are dealing with old boilers then consider replacing or repairing them as soon as possible. At A S Plumbing, we send our highly qualified and experienced boiler engineers who deal with the root level of the problem. We assure complete boiler repair at a very cost-effective price.

A boiler installation process involves many aspects like the boiler unpacking, reassembling, realignment, connecting to utilities, and then performing in-depth testing to surely determine whether it can achieve maximum operational production efficiency or not. Boiler installation is considered one of the most important parts of the whole process.

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Steps Used For Boiler Installation

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Choose a location - For boiler installation, choosing a location is very vital for its safe functioning. In fact, it is equally important to choose a boiler model. It is recommended to choose a location for the boiler which is close to water pipes, the flue for ventilation, electrical outlets, and gas pipes. Moreover, As being a professional and experienced gas engineer we always suggest it should be at a good distance from the floor.

Boiler Dressing - This is again a very crucial step in boiler installation. The term ' Boiler Dressing ' means the addition of the appropriate piping to the boiler system.

At first, insert a pump having a circular shape directly into the boiler section followed by adding a riser pipe gasket. This makes it convenient to add suitable pipes to the flow of water throughout your house. After this, you need to add an appropriate number of riser pipe gaskets, and then connect each pipe that corresponds to several areas of the house.

We do Central Heating Repairs and a renowned heating engineer.
Boiler Installation and Breakdown Repairs certainly includes - Diagnostic Inspection, Component Replacement, Pressure Issues, Leak Repair, Ignition System Repair, Flue and Ventilation Repairs, Electrical Repairs, Boiler Re-pressurization, Radiator Installation, Radiator Leaks. The charges for Installing a Brand new Boiler (Different Brands Prices varies) - (a) Combi GCH - starts from £2000 or (b) System Boiler prices are from £1600. On the other hand, Charges for Boiler Breakdown Repairs are £60 where Boiler servicing will cost you around £70.

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Fixing the Supply and Return Pipes

By the time you reach the process, you must have an idea about the installation of the correct piping. So now you can begin with fixing and setting up return and supply pipes. Nevertheless, the circulation pump is mostly located on the boiler’s return side, and the flow is measured along the supply side. Moreover, at the time of this boiler installation process, you are needed to tighten the nut with a wrench and then connect the boiler with the tank of the hot water by using accurate fittings and copper pipes.


Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you. Get in touch today to enquire about installing a new boiler.

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Smoke Pipe Installation

Gas valve into a Sealed Combustion

This is another important step in boiler installation. The importance of a smoke pipe is to release the harmful air that gets formed due to immense pressure on the system. It is vitally recommended for proper ventilation. In order to install a smoke pipe one needs to use a sheet brass pipe to fix the boiler to the smoke pipe. After this, drill some holes followed by securing them with metal screws.

Gas Pipe Installation

Gas Pipe Installation is necessary because it acts as a source of fuel. It is mandatory to install if you are using a gas boiler. Moreover, if you are using natural gas as a working fuel then using a black threaded pipe you will be needed to link it with your boiler.

Check to start your boiler

After connecting all the dots it is now time to check to start your boiler. In this step, you will be assured that all the functions of the boiler will be working properly. At first, open the water pipe and fill the boiler with water. Do not worry about pressure because the automatic feed valve is covered. However, you have to be careful in the next step when you start the boiler. Pay special attention to CO2 emission and make the changes accordingly. After the CO2 emission appears to be under control then it means that the boiler can be used without any problem.

Kindly do not follow these steps, if you are doing it for the first time. Always Contact a Heating Contractor near me.

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Signs to fix your boiler

  1. 1. The boiler not heating properly even when it is on

If the boiler is not heating properly then chances are that the water in the boiler is not circulating properly. Therefore you must refer to a registered gas engineer to fix this problem.

  1. 2. Water Pressure is Low

All Boilers require a particular level of water pressure to work. If the pressure falls below the expected level then the safety shut-off button automatically switches off the system. This problem can be mainly due to air problems in the expansion tank of the system.

  1. 3.Radiators are not fully heating

  1. 4. The pilot light is not working

In this case, you must get your boiler to get immediately fixed by a professional. This is because it is a safety matter that is lead due to a thermocouple fault that is cutting off the gas supply.

  1. 5. Unusual Noise from the boiler

Boiler making unusual noises can be due to various causes. Hence, you should seek a certified engineer's help who can find out the cause and fix it immediately.

  1. 6. Water Leakage

Water leakage can happen from various sources. The kind of leakage determines how fast the problem will get solved.

  1. 7. There is no heating at all

Air in the circulation pump or a valve failure, a thermostat or low water level problems can cause no heating at all.

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We are Gas Safe Registered

We are Gas Safe registered Heating Engineer

A S Plumbing and heating engineers takes gas safety seriously. We are on the Gas Safe Register and will have their official identity card when you ask to see it. Gas Safe Register is the official gas safety organisation in Great Britain. Our Gas safety Register ID is 211549

Gas Safe Register is responsible for the registration and regulation of gas engineers. Membership is mandatory for any company or engineer working with gas appliances.

Call Your Gas Safe Registered Engineer today on 0800 093 5642 or visit the Gas Safe Register website and type our ID which is 211549.

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