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Unvented Cylinder

Unvented Cylinders are famous for providing great water pressure that makes the water flow satisfying. Moreover, one can install an Unvented Cylinder almost anywhere and it will still work effectively because it utilizes mains pressure along with gravity. Such cylinders are a great idea to install at any pipework. However, if they cause problems in terms of water storing, heating or with their flow then you must call us. At A S Plumbing and Heating Engineer, our heating engineers provide the best solution in the repair of ducts and vents. The Unvented system’s performance is great as the mains water supply available. To this effect the maximum possible water demand should be assessed, with the knowledge that the mains supplies both hot and cold services simultaneously. Moreover, the water heater itself operates at a pressure of 3 bar, controlled by the inlet control set, and is capable of delivering over 50 litres per minute. It is because of the high quality inlet control set design that has made it possible to make the most of the flow rates available. Unvented hot water systems have a continuing maintenance requirement in order to ensure safe working and optimum performance. It is essential that the relief valve(s) are periodically inspected and manually opened to ensure no blockage has occurred in the valves or discharge pipework. Similarly cleaning of the strainer element and replacement of the air in the expansion vessel will help to prevent possible operational faults.

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Benefits of using an Unvented Cylinder

Sub services under Unvented Cylinder Installation are: System Design, Cylinder Selection, Pipework Installation, PRV Installation, Safety Devices Installation, Electrical Connection. Unvented Cylinder Installation will cost you around £1400

1. Provides Improved Water Pressure

The best thing about unvented cylinders is that they are not lead by gravity. Hence, the water travels less far distance. Therefore, by installing unvented cylinders at home, one can improve the water pressure immediately. As a result, shower and tap pressure are much more enjoyable and can be used conveniently. Moreover, these systems consist of an in-built system that ensures that the pressure never reaches an unsafe level.

2. It saves space at home

One of the greatest features of unvented cylinder is that they serve the dual purpose of a spare water tank and a self-contained boiler. As a result, it saves amazing space at home. Especially for people living in flats that usually have a small space the unvented cylinder serves great space area.

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3. Prevents contamination

Unvented cylinders have system that allows them to get rid of cold water when not needed. This prevents contamination and does not let water get stagnated. Also, these cylinders are completely sealed. So this ensures that no contaminated water comes out of the shower and tap.


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Vented Cylinders

Gas valve into a Sealed Combustion

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Benefits using a Vented Cylinder

1. Simpler and easier to install

Made with a copper cover and simpler design as compared to the modern unvented cylinders, the vented cylinders are much more simpler and easier to install. They have a much more basic design so it is not tough to understand their mechanism.

2. Easy maintenance

Traditional vented cylinders are much easy to maintain as compared to the unvented cylinders. They have a very basic design that is very effective and durable in nature. Hence, it is very easy to keep a check on them and work on it.

3. If the mains water supply is cut off you will still have access to the tank of water in the loft.

In case if is a glitch in the water supply system, the user will still have an access to the water tank which is planted at the loft.

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We are Gas Safe registered Heating Engineer

A S Plumbing and heating engineers takes gas safety seriously. We are on the Gas Safe Register and will have their official identity card when you ask to see it. Gas Safe Register is the official gas safety organisation in Great Britain. Our Gas safety Register ID is 211549

Gas Safe Register is responsible for the registration and regulation of gas engineers. Membership is mandatory for any company or engineer working with gas appliances.

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